About Me

I am an Expert in Digital Marketing Strategy Planning & Advice with a full range of Products and Services from Breeze Marketing, they can be found at www.breezemarketing.co.nz

Since 2002 I have gained Industry Experience working across a whole range of Industries I can provide you tailored strategies and digital advice. If you need to get your Digital Campaign or  Website off the ground, talk to me about what we can offer.

Digital Marketing has been my passion for over fifteen years. Now I own the largest Specialized Phone Parts Store in NZ, am a Volunteer with Coastguard Canterbury and Canterbury Air Patrol and offering my Digital Marketing skills and knowledge by advising, implementing and managing Digital Marketing services for businesses.

Taking your Business Further!


Successful Digital Marketing is built on a solid strategy that drives results through proven and effective organic internet marketing best practices. My methods will increase your reach online and allow your business to find new leads.


My Vision is to allow businesses to obtain their potential leads online and compete against their competitors by creating an honest Marketing Strategy that meets their budget and prove a Return on Investment and purpose with each campaign.


- My Clients gains are mine
- Educate
- Honesty and Clarity
- Share my knowledge with all
- Prove my Results