NZ Business Directories to help boost your SEO Rankings.

Having your business listed on multiple NZ business directories helps to increase your SEO ranking. The more places Google can find your business listed on various directories, the more credible Google will see your business.

Because setting up a Google MyBusiness is free, anyone can set one up, so Google will use their algorithm to look for more information about your business on the web. Established businesses are more likely to have spent time doing this over someone that setup a Google MyBusiness for an ‘idea’ or a business that isn’t necessarily real.

It’s important you keep all the information the same across all of the listings to be most credible. Read my article 5 Tips to Improve your Google MyBusiness Ranking for more information about this.

Here is a list of the top free business directories to get your business listed on in New Zealand. Try not to copy and paste business descriptions or content from the about us page on your website. Google is not a fan of duplicated content.

1. Google MyBusiness

It goes without saying that Google is the first place you should claim your free listing. While other directories are good to build credibility, realistically most people won’t visit many of these other directories. I believe it is imperative for any business to make sure they have their Google MyBusiness. Read my article on how to Set up a Google MyBusiness.


2. Neighbourly

Neighbourly is a New Zealand based local community social media platform. Its purpose is to provide a platform similar to Facebook but focused on the user’s local area.

Learn more about Neighbourly and how to use it here.


3. Yellow Pages (Online)

When people think of Yellow Pages, most people think of the old phone book directory. However, they do have an online directory which is beneficial to have a free listing in. Personally I do not see any value in their premium listings but the free listing option is more than enough to achieve our goal here.


4. Yelp

Yelp is not specifically for New Zealand but they do have an NZ specific directory.


5. Fyple

Another free listing can be made on this New Zealand based directory.


6. Chamber of Commerce

If you head to your local Chamber of Commerce website, most of these have an option to list your business, they will also add you to the national business database.


7. Social Media Business Profiles

Yes, your business social media profiles also act as a directory. The most common ones used n New Zealand are;

An important factor to consider is which social media platform is going to be beneficial to your business. Unlike the 6 options above, if you set up any of these you need to put time aside monthly to post something on each of them. You are best off only choosing one of them and managing it well rather than all and not posting on them ever.

By all means, you can post the same topic on all platforms but again do not copy and paste onto all platforms. Think about who the audience is on each platform and ensure you articulate what you are posting to suit. Google does not like duplicate content.

Further Options

You may find some more directories that suit your industry. For example, if you hold events or webinars, Eventfinda can be another good option for your business.


If you are in the tourism industry you may have some local directories for your town or city along with national options like TripAdvisor,, and so on.


For the hospitality industry (food or accommodation) there are also a number of websites out there you can list your hotel, motel, bar, or Restaurant.



You will find most of these options listed above will give you all the reasons why you should choose their premium listings and pay a fee, but the aim of this topic was to boost your rankings in Google by listing your business in multiple directories. A premium listing will not make a difference to this.

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