Is your Google MyBusiness updated post lock down?

Many of us may have changed our business hours or address on Google MyBusiness during the lockdown, even if you didn’t, now is a good time to just review your Google MyBusiness listing and ensure it is up to date.

Make sure your Google MyBusiness information matches all your information on Facebook, your website, and other directories. You can read more about the benefits for SEO by ensuring all your business details are matching from all sources in our previous blog 5 Tips to Improve your Google MyBusiness/Places Ranking.

If you don’t have a Google MyBusiness listing or do not have access to one, check out our blog on how to set this up Setting up a Google MyBusiness.

Google MyBusiness offers multiple ways for you to promote your business, list your products and services, offer a faster way for potential customers to get in touch with you, and post about announcements or specials.

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You can find your Google MyBusiness or set one up here;

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