Is your business ready to get back to work into Stage-3

With the governments announcement earlier today regarding New Zealand going into Stage 3 for the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no better time to prepare your business.

For more details about how Stage 3 will look for your business, we recommend you visit the official NZ COVID-19 website at

Essentially business will start to open again and with the recommendation of staying home unless it’s for work, exercise, buying essential items or education. So this may mean you can open your business again but there will be limited foot traffic, however, as people are at home there is no better time to get your marketing back on point.

If you selling goods, you will now be able to sell them so why not start an eCommerce store or focus on your current stores marketing. If you are a service based business you should already be thinking of digital marketing to get you businesses in front of potential customers or even better the customers searching for the service you provide.

But if you still can’t run your business in stage 3, this is the time to increase those leads, fill up the calendar and book your customers in, you have just under 3 weeks to focus all your efforts on this before we hope to see a further reduction in the COVID-19 restrictions.

Needing some advice on what you should be doing? Over the next 2 weeks I’m offering a free 30-Minute Strategy Session, online, to any business in New Zealand.

Slots are limited, but to get yours booked in, flick me an email at to secure your spot!

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