Don’t let COVID-19 stop you!

I wanted to write about something different today, COVID-19 is not the topic of conversation. But instead of talking the stats, the negative points and the breaches I wanted to talk about making changes and evolving your business throughout this time.

For businesses that cannot possibly continue!

Say you are service-based and there is no chance working from home, this might be a good chance to look at running some campaigns. With most business closing their doors and most cutting their digital marketing campaigns, this is potentially a good time to get out in front of your potential audience.

At the end of the day, your customers will know you are not trading, nevertheless, this is the time they are sitting at home with plenty of time to research for a business to quote a service for when things return to normal. If you can reply to emails or answer your call, running an ad campaign now is not going to hurt. Make sure you return to a full calendar!

Take this time to check out your website, when was the last time you navigated your website as a customer? Are you happy with it? Look at what your competitors are doing. Are you missing something?

Dive into your Google Ads, have a look at how long people are spending on your website, what pages people are not spending much time on, can you make this better? Could you record an explainer video to engage more visitors?

If you need some assistance getting the data you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Could you possibly adapt to working from home?

If you are a coach, consultant or advisor of any sort, if you meet one on one at your client’s place, try to think how you can deliver your service with added video by doing a virtual meeting. There are many platforms out there that let you do a free interactive meeting or a webinar.

Even a WhatsApp or Facebook call would be fine, people understand the times we are currently in and will be more than happy to accept a private Facebook call off you if scheduled.

Think Different

Even if you can’t run your normal service, could you start a free or paid product that brings value to your client, whether it’s a how-to sequence or an educational platform or just some PDF downloads where you ask for their email address before they can download it?

Take this time to think outside the box, you never know you might find an additional service you can offer once your back in the swing of things.

Additional support

As ever if you have any questions please post them below or send an email to I will reply as soon as I am available. If you are looking to get some ongoing advice or assistance feel free to get in touch on 027 856 6049 to have a chat.

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