Why do I need to Post in Google My Business?

If you don’t have a Google My Business click here to read how to get the must-have free listing for your business.

If you want to gain customers from local searches you need to be posting on Google My Business, doing so optimizes your listing which will promote your local search ranking over your competitors.

Google My Business┬áis now more than just a listing online, it’s a way for your business to create an advertising space that is not crowded by other businesses fighting for attention as well, the noise of social media and again, it’s free.

Through posting, you can provide relevant information, post updates and promotional offers to potential customers.

What are Posts?

Google My Business Posts are the added bit of information to the knowledge panel on GMB. When a potential customer searched for a business, the post appears along with your Google My Business Listing. It appears as a teaser snippet that the searcher can click on it to see more.

You can use a post to promote a product, and event, a sale or just provide information or updates to your potential customer. This can make the difference from the user choosing you or your competitor.

You can post up to 300 words along with an image, a link and you can even set a promotion start and end time.

Getting Started

Prepare your post, choosing a product, service or topic. Don’t forget to do your Keyword Research. Be sure to keep SEO best practices by posting relevant posts that interest your target audience.

Although you are allowed 300 Words, make sure to get your message across in the first 100 words. This is what the searchers will see before they click to read more.

Pictures speak a thousand words, make sure you pick something that grabs the searchers attention. The image size needs to be 400 by 300.

Make sure your post links to a relevant landing page on your website, if you just send them to the homepage they will lose interest and affect your bounce rate.

What to Use Google My Business Posts for?


Add your products with a good quality image so that your audience can see what you sell. You can link these to a product on your site, add pricing and much more.

What’s New

Create posts that announce what is new about your business, a new premises, website, product line or an award.


Promote events and use your Google My Business as a form of marketing and promote the event. You can link the post with Maps so that the customers can easily locate the place where the event will be held.


When you are running promotions GMB is a good way to raise awareness of your promotions. Use coupons, discounts or free offers. Informing the reader how to redeem the offer or coupon. Google My Business also lets you set the start and end time of your promotion.

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