5 Tips to Improve your Google MyBusiness/Places Ranking

If you are in business you should have a Google MyBusiness Account, to set up a Google MyBusiness account read my article Setting up a Google MyBusiness

Google Places rankings is important for your business and for your physical location to become noticed within the world of digital marketing. No matter what your business is, you will want to have a solid ranking within Google Places, as well as adopting all the newer features to make it easier to find you and contact you straight through Google.

1. Google My Business Listing Rank

Googles clever algorithm picks out the Free Listings that are reputable businesses and those who were just an idea someone setup overnight and ranks the Google MyBusiness Listing accordingly. Google My Business verifies that your business actually exists by determining how often your business name, address and phone number (NAP) is listed all over the internet. It’s the same way how backlinks work for SEO. The more listings or citations, the better your rankings should be.

Therefore, the easiest way to get ranking is to submit your business to national and local business directories. By submitting your business to these directories, your NAP will receive more citations and help you rank you higher.

2. Ensuring Consistent NAP

Ensure that your Business Contact Details are consistent over your Google My Business listing and on your website. Googles crawlers don’t like is if your business has multiple NAP listings on different business directories.

Do a quick Google search for your business. Click to see what every listing of your NAP looks like. If the information is incorrect anywhere including social media, Yellow, Neighbourly or any other directory, be sure to get it updates as soon as possible.

Keep this in mind if you move premises, change phone numbers, website address or your business hours.

3. NAP On Your Site

Make sure you list your business NAP on your website. Consider having this information in the Website Footer along with on your Contact Page.

4. Embedded Google Map

Your Google MyBusiness Map can be embedded onto your website and I highly recommend that you do this. This confirms with Google that you are located at the address you provided in your My Business Listing.

Embedding is simple. All you have to do is search your business name in Google Maps; when you have found it click on the three lines beside your business name in the top left search bar. Then click “Share or Embed Map”.

Choose “embed map” at the top of the pop-up box. Then copy the iframe code and paste it onto your contact page or provide it to the company who manage your Website.

5. Get Reviews

Yes, it’s true! Getting reviews on your Google My Business helpt with your listing ranking in maps/places. You should try and get everyone you know to review your page. Googles main focus is to deliver the best result for their searcher first. Businesses with 30 Reviews on Google manage to obtain this higher status than a business with no reviews, along with other points.

Ensure your customers, and even friends, are giving your business listing quality, favorable reviews. This means 5-Star reviews with over 200 Characters. Getting 5-Star Reviews definitely helps with your Places Ranking.

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