Video Marketing

Over the last decade, we became more visual engagers attracted to images in the digital world. A lot of this comes in various forms, but there isn’t any question video is right up the top when it comes to engagement.

More consumers of content prefer video over any other visual medium. Recent stats show almost 90% of all online marketers now use video content of some sort.

Personalized video has become a norm lately, or at least ones directly addressing pain points of targeted viewers. The same goes with making your business look more human.

Successful video marketing show behind-the-scenes tours of your business, or testimonials to show the human side of your brand. This means paying attention to one major trend in video marketing: Storytelling.

When you can tell a compelling story about your business and prove you can solve the pain points of customers, you have a can’t-miss formula.

It’s also smart to keep your videos as short as possible, if not in a series. Attention spans are as short as ever, and you’ll need to tell your story in a compact way with a compelling hook.

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